We are Muse Atom, an IT company based in Hong Kong. We create cutting-edge solutions for education, engineering and science. Currently, education is at the heart of our business.

We love education

It’s all about our future.

We are experiencing a new round of technological revolution. We need to prepare ourselves and the next generation for this evolving world.

Education means a lot.

Education is a field that covers a wide range of content. Education is not only about spreading knowledge but also about the methodology which helps us solve current problems and create tomorrow’s knowledge. Education develops the skills, values and character that enable individuals to participate in and contribute to society. It is also about our history, culture, social context, everything related to human civilization and everything that makes us human.

We teach robots as well as people.

We create personalized learning experiences for learners. We help people master knowledge and help robots understand humans and the world. We treat robots as our students. We believe in logical thinking rather than rote learning.

We do research

We research technology and people.

Artificial intelligence is a trend and a field that may change how we research, produce, and live our daily lives. It comes from two basic facts: the number of people that the resources on earth can feed is limited, and the number of people who choose to engage in scientific research is limited. As the knowledge we have accumulated in various fields is growing and research fields become more and more detailed, people need to spend more and more time learning from the experience of predecessors to make a small contribution. In the foreseeable future, scientific research driven solely by human scientists will reach a bottleneck. At that time, we will not be able to promote research in each field by human power alone since we will no longer have time to understand the whole picture, and only a limited number of people will work in a specific field. If machines can independently do scientific research based on existing knowledge and produce new knowledge or valuable results, it will be a new era of humanity civilization.

We build bridges between research and application.

In addition to artificial intelligence, we focus on human-centered design. Technology is a tool, and people give it meaning. We learn from users, design for the human and strive to make everyone benefit from the development of technologies.

Advance humanity with innovation

Our experience

Short history, long story.

We are a startup with experienced people. Our people have grown with the industry for nearly two decades. Here are some facts.

Pascal is the first programming language of many of us, a procedural programming language with rigorous syntax. “Don’t forget to type an End after a Begin” was one of the good programming habits we learned.

Many of us learned to make Flash animations. At the beginning of the century, many websites used Flash for animation. Playing Flash games is the good old days for many people. Modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL have replaced Flash.

We formed our first team in 2012 and taught programming for free. We are some of our students’ first programming teachers, and some of them are working in our industry today. We have been using Moodle as our learning management system for many years and provided courses for hundreds of students.

We started researching natural language processing in 2013 when a more well-known name was computational linguistics. OpenAI was founded two years later, and the transformer model was proposed by Google in 2017. ChatGPT was released in 2022.

We are using Cloudflare. Since 2012, we have been using its DNS and CDN service for over a decade. Cloudflare went public in 2019.

We have been using Unity to create digital experiences since Unity 4.x. Some of us had a final-year project made with Unity. Unity went public in 2020.

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